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Good procurement management has become increasingly important across all industries in recent years. For the first time, our western world is again in danger of being able to guarantee the security of supply chains. The current crises show how vulnerable our global procurement processes are.

In addition to the recent changes in economic policy caused by the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine conflict, ongoing global trends such as digitization, a shortage of skilled workers and advancing climate change pose enormous challenges for the entire supply chain management. Besides the logistical challenges in everyday life, is there any time left at all to take care of strategic matters? Our answer to this: Yes, absolutely! Strategic changes are necessary right now.

In today’s necessary, rapid transformation of your supply chain, we accompany you efficiently and effectively. Benefit from our constructive third-party opinion and we will bring your project to the desired success!

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The transformation to the purchasing of tomorrow requires a differentiated examination of all components of the organization as well as the relevant markets and influencing trends.

A global reformation of our procurement processes is upon us. Across industries, the time is now to initiate the necessary changes in terms of organization, supplier and risk management, procurement processes and digital tools. Similarly, companies are increasingly faced with embedding sustainable goals into your organization and committing to your environment. New legislation, customers, shareholders and financial institutions are increasing the pressure regarding sustainable business management. In the coming years, you will have to incorporate environmental protection into your processes and decisions.

Consequently, processes will have to be questioned and restructured, new concepts will have to be developed across departments, and production processes will have to be optimized. Analyze and evaluate relevant trends in your environment and derive development opportunities from them that will help you gain your strategic advantage. Only organizations that develop now will be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Agility and employees with new skills are needed to respond flexibly to current challenges and to be prepared for the long-term disruptive changes. The transformation to the purchasing of tomorrow requires a clear idea of what the job and task profile of the acting persons should look like in the future.

Existing concepts of personnel selection and development are too unspecific to take sufficient account of the changes brought about by digitization. The first step is to create transparency about future procurement goals, tasks and required skills in order to enable targeted and effective collaboration throughout the organization. The decisive factor, however, is to determine a precise picture of the technical and interdisciplinary skills currently available in the procurement team. This is the basis for targeted career and development planning. Activate the potential of your employees and make your team fit with customized training and development concepts.

Put your organizational development to the test. TALENT-net supports you in analyzing the weak points of your purchasing department and accompanies you throughout the entire change process. Our consulting approach is a holistic process that starts with top management and must run through all areas from personnel development to organizational development and corporate development. We have developed four dimensions of an action-oriented and transparent supply chain. Know the latest methods, systems and tools that enable you to digitize your procurement organization according to your specific needs. Last but not least, identify the existing strengths and talents in your team and close competence gaps by means of targeted training and personnel development measures.

We are experts in structuring purchasing processes, optimizing supply chains and building employee competencies. We deliver pragmatic solutions, accompany you in change processes and support you in an advisory capacity to ensure your procurement management.

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