TALENT-net Sustainable Supply Chain Solution

The basis for innovative solutions and a resource-saving, efficient supply chain.

The 14 largest SMI companies in Switzerland emit five times as much Co2 as the entire Swiss population per year. In order to achieve the netzero climate targets by 2050, we must all take responsibility – both companies and as individuals. Develop innovative solutions for a resource-saving and efficient supply chain with us and the support of our network partners. In our Sustainable Supply Chain Solution, we analyze together with you how your procurement organization must be positioned in the strategic fields of action for the requirements of the future. We will be happy to accompany you on the entire journey as well as on parts of it.

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The challenges of a sustainable supply chain

Sustainable Supply Chain Solution TALENT-net
TALENT-net Sustainable Supply Chain Solution

The entire purchasing department, the supply chain, all raw materials and semi-finished products are checked and analyzed for their sustainability status. Critical goods and suppliers are then reported. The result enables you to evaluate your commodity groups and to find sustainable, future-oriented solutions together with your suppliers. In addition, you will be able to create an LkSG report and receive a roadmap for the sustainability strategy of your procurement organization.

A SWOT analysis and priority workshop identify critical goods and supplier gaps to be analyzed. A pilot project is developed and use cases are generated. We visualize your supply chain and make future sustainability potentials visible. The range of services offered by TALENT-net and Integrity Next promotes the new role of purchasing and ensures greater sustainability throughout your company.

Procurement within organizations will have a new role in the future – as a facilitator and “enabler” of sustainable practices and production methods that will establish themselves beyond their own department. The “Sustainable Development of Products” helps you to set a sustainable path in your procurement organization. Together with our network partner milani design consulting we assess which critical changes to your supply chain infrastructure as well as product design are required to facilitate and support the defined sustainability goals. You receive support in sustainable product design and the use of sustainable raw materials, enabling you to make your entire supply chain and all lifecycle phases of your products more sustainable.

The decisive success factor for sustainable supply chain management has often been neglected up to now: It is purchasing managers who have to implement sustainability in their daily business. A competency model for sustainability in purchasing developed on a scientific basis starts precisely here and serves as a basis for targeted training and personnel development strategies. What exactly are competencies for “sustainability”? Investigating this question was the goal of the research project by Prof. Dr. Lydia Bals and Dr. Heike Schulze.

Based on research results and through a survey of experts from companies in different industries and scientists in the field (Delphi study), they have developed a competence model for sustainability in purchasing. Let us advise you on how your employees can be made fit in the various competence fields.

The steadily increasing consumption of natural resources poses a growing problem for our society and our ecosystems. The circular economy offers promising approaches to resource-efficient and environmentally friendly management. For circular economy products to become established, they must be in demand and flanked by the appropriate business models. Together with our network partner Prozirkula GmbH, we offer you consulting, training and networking services to advance your procurement in terms of circularity. This enables procurement organizations to integrate circular economy into their organization and procurement strategy as well as to offer a growing number of suppliers circular-capable products, using business models in which ecological and economic added value go hand in hand.

Our network partner fLUMINA GmbH has made it its core task to generate value from data. Because answers to many questions lie in the data of your company. In order to be able to work meaningfully with data and make sustainable findings, it must first be understood and then suitably processed. Only then can processes be modeled and analyses performed on them to ultimately make better decisions with the insights gained.

With technology and artificial intelligence, it is possible to dramatically reduce the effort required to collect CO2 data. Much of the data that needs to be collected for the Corporate (CCF) and Product (PCF) Carbon Footprint analysis is already available in the company’s IT systems and can be integrated automatically. We are happy to support you and accompany your procurement organization to get more transparency of Co2 emissions for all products and services.

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