TALENT-net Competence Check

We identify strengths, potentials and learning areas in your team and provide the basis for training, development and recruitment measures.

The transformation to the purchasing of tomorrow requires a clear idea of what the job and task profile of the people involved should look like in the future. This is the starting point for the digital TALENT-net Competence Check.
Competence Check
TALENT-net Competence Check

A clear regulation of tasks and responsibilities is required for the holistic management of the organization and smooth cooperation between the units.

Together with the client, we record existing organizational charts, job descriptions, RACI charts, etc. and develop a structured overview of where there are regulatory gaps and need for action.

Based on this, standardized job descriptions are developed for the four basic areas of management, sourcing, operational order processing and support functions.

For each of these positions, specific competence profiles are drawn up in workshops with purchasing management, describing the future requirements for the job holders in technical and interdisciplinary competence fields.

The aim of the competence check is to determine a detailed picture of how well the purchasing team is currently equipped for the tasks of the future.

The TALENT-net Competence Check is an online procedure in which the individual employee uses a structured questionnaire to assess himself or herself with regard to 50 professional and interdisciplinary competencies (self-image). In parallel, the supervisor gives his assessment (external image). We create a detailed, digital report of the results for you, which compares the self-image and the external image and compares them with the target image previously defined by management.

Your advantage: You get a substantial picture of the strengths, potentials and learning areas in your team. Directly usable for career planning, training, development and recruitment measures. Digital storage means that competence profiles and results are available to you at any time for sustainable “follow-up” as part of the HR Management Cycle.

You do not need your own software, we take over the technical processing of the competence check completely for you.

In a world of digital transformation, new forms of language and communication are needed, but also new learning and thinking structures that can be trained in networked learning worlds. In addition to classic formats such as face-to-face seminars and eLearning, which will continue to have their importance in the future.

TALENT-net works closely with leading institutes in the field of continuing education for purchasing and supply chain management and will be happy to advise you on finding the right offers and partners.

Executive Coaching &

We accompany executives in purchasing, supply management and logistics during restructuring measures, in difficult management situations or in improving their personal work organization. The aim of coaching is to further develop the employee’s skills in a targeted manner and to enable them to manage their tasks professionally and with social competence.

We see ourselves as sparring partners who shape the process of diagnosis and analysis methodically and in dialog with the coachee. Due to the international management experience of the TALENT-net partners, we quickly grasp the professional context, develop situational solutions together with the coachee and ensure the transfer of knowledge.

Activate the potential of your employees – through targeted, customized coaching.

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